Principal's Messages

Welcome to St. Sebastian. St. Sebastian is a large elementary school which serves the communities of Chaparral, Walden, Wolf Willow and Pine Creek. We have a staff of approximately forty dedicated professionals who strive to create an engaging learning environment for students.

Our school motto is “Love, Commit, Serve” which we try to demonstrate through our actions each day. We share our love of others through how we treat them. Students are encouraged to show respect and consideration at all times and work to collaboratively solve any challenges that arise. The S4 program assists students in developing resiliency skills.

Children are encouraged to demonstrate commitment to their learning through hard work, participating in class and becoming involved in the many opportunities to participate in leadership opportunities and extra-curricular activities.

We seek to serve others. In the school, there are chances for the children to help to make our school a better place through their contributions and positive attitudes. In addition, we also strive to enrich the broader community through our social justice activities.

At the core of all we do, is our Catholic faith. The gospel values guide all of our actions as we work to be more like Jesus. We invite you to contact a member of the administrative team if you wish to learn more about the St. Sebastian School community.


Juanita McKenzie